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Preparing for Worship: April 2, 2017

Sunday AM Text: Mark 4:26-34
Title: “God’s Word Received” pt.2

What can the reception of God’s Word be compared to? It can be compared to a lamp, and to the return one receives in a grain transaction (last week’s sermon). It can also be compared to the mysterious process by which seed takes root after a farmer’s hard work, and produces a crop. It can be compared to the surprising size of the mustard plant after it grows, compared with the tiny seed that was sown in the  garden. This Lord’s Day morning we will continue to think about our own response to the Word of God, our sharing of the Word of God, and the glorious way that God works as His Word advances throughout the world.

In the evening service we will look at 1 Peter 2:11-17 and think about a unique war that every believer has been introduced into through salvation. It is the war within, the battle with the passions of the flesh.

Songs we will sing this week include the following, provided in a playlist here:

1. New Again
2. His Mercy is More
3. God with Us
4. Raised to Life

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