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Preparing for Worship: February 25, 2018

Text: Psalm 112
Title: “Praising God for Godliness”

When God’s people heed God’s word it is the wisest choice they could ever make. Godliness is great gain. It is not only a life that holds promise for an eternal future, it is the only satisfying life right now. Holiness and happiness are partners. The way of obedience holds the sweetest fruit that life has to offer. Psalm 112 tells us that story.
     I. THE CALL TO PRAISE (v. 1)
     II. THE CAUSE FOR PRAISE (vv. 1b-9)
          A. THE BLESSED MAN (v. 1b)
          B. THE BLESSINGS OF THE MAN (vv. 2-9)

Songs we will sing this week include the following, provided in a playlist here

  1. New Again
  2. Jesus Paid it All
  3. His Mercy is More
  4. Lord of Lords
  5. We Sing as One
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