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Preparing for Worship: January 22, 2017

Text: Mark 3:7-12
Title: “A Day in the Life of Jesus”

We see salvation in the life of Jesus before we see it in the cross of Jesus. Jesus lived the life necessary to save us before He died the death necessary to save us. We are growing in the Christian life when we love our Savior on His way to the cross, knowing that His life was necessary if His death was to save us, and knowing that He lived His life with that cross in view.

This Lord’s day we see our Savior in the midst of an enormous crowd, made up of people from every region of Palestine. What we will be left with is another view of the love of Jesus and the divine authority and power of Jesus.

Songs we will sing this week include the following, provided in a playlist here. You can also download the music using the iTunes links below:

  1. We Sing as One (iTunes)
  2. God with Us (iTunes)
  3. Jesus is Better (iTunes)
  4. Show Us Christ (iTunes)
  5. Oh the Deep, Deep Love (iTunes)
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