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Preparing for Worship: January 25, 2015

In Revelation 21, as the new heavenly city descends on a new earth, the one who sits on the throne says “Behold, I am making all things new!” (v. 5) This is a profound statement, and Christians should know it and hear it well. Jesus himself says in John 3 that what he is doing is something new for it requires a new birth, a birth which yields new life. The Apostle Paul says in 2 Corinthians 5 that for all who are in Christ Jesus, they are part of a “new creation.” All of this comes together in Revelation 21, the culmination of God’s “new” work in Jesus Christ. 

As Pastor Caldwell continues preaching through the book of Luke and as we come to the time of Jesus’ crucifixion, we should dwell on the newness of Jesus’s work. Jesus’s death and resurrection paves the way for new life, new birth, and a new citizenship with the people of God. In Jesus, death turns to life. And this is our eternal hope. Our bodies fade away, but we hope for a new body and a new existence, a time when we will be like Jesus and see him as he is (1 John 3:2). This hope is encapsulated in the song, “New Again,” by Sojourn Music

When death shows his face, and bears his teeth
May we with faith run to Calvary
Not one shed tear, no strand of grief
Falls to the ground and goes unseen

Death is defeated, and Jesus reigns
Tell the world there is hope in his name
He pushed back the darkness, he conquered our sin
Christ will make all things new again
Christ will make all things new again
New again

Though blinded by trial, our lives marked with pain
Shadows surround us, but there’s hope today
When sorrow runs deep, and the night is long
May we find peace in the Savior’s song

The sun it is dawning; it pierces the night
It cuts through the shadows with redemption’s light
The fallen will rise, the weak will be strong
Death turns to life in our Savior’s arms

The sermon text for this week is from Luke 22:39-46, “Holy Ground,” and the outline is as follows: 

I. The Unusual Scene (vs.39)

II. The Mysterious Struggle (vs.40-44)

  1. Observe the Amazing Love of Jesus for His People (vs.40)
  2. Observe the Amazing Suffering of Jesus for His People (vs.41)
  3. Observe the Amazing Obedience of Jesus for His People (vs.42)
  4. Observe the Amazing Endurance of Jesus for His People (vs.43-44)

III. The Victorious Shepherd (vs.45-46)

Songs we will sing this week include the following, provided in a playlist here. Songs can also be purchased from the iTunes links below:

  1. Come Thou Almighty King (iTunes)
  2. He Who is Mighty (iTunes)
  3. New Again (Bandcamp)
  4. Lord of Lords (iTunes)
  5. Before the Throne of God Above (iTunes)
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