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Preparing for Worship: November 19, 2017

Text: Mark 8:31-33
Title: “The Great Correction”

In our last study in Mark’s gospel account, we met with Peter’s great confession. We noted that a believing confession is the result of God’s grace. Regeneration explains saving faith.

This week we will be reminded that the same God who brings us to Himself then goes on teaching us about Himself. That is what we see in our text for this Lord’s Day. When Jesus begins to teach His disciples what it means that He is the Christ (as Peter had just confessed), Peter reveals that he still needs to learn about what he has embraced. Peter’s misunderstanding meets with rebuke, and the result of this correction is a view of the great mercy and grace extended to those whom the Father teaches about His Son.

We will examine our verses under four headings.

  1. THE GREAT CONFESSION (review vv. 27-30)
  2. THE GREAT TEACHER (vv. 31-32a)

Songs we will sing this week include the following, provided in a playlist here:

  1. Come Thou Almighty King
  2. A Day of Glory
  3. He Who is Mighty
  4. Come Behold the Wondrous Mystery
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