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Preparing for Worship: October 8, 2017

This Sunday we will move away from the book of Mark and look to Acts 8:1-8. This text follows on the heels of the story of the trial and murder of Stephen, church history’s first martyr after the ascension of Christ. Up to this point in the narrative of the church, the apostles choose a man to replace Judas (Acts 1), and then the Holy Spirit indwells the believers in Jerusalem (Acts 2). From Acts 3-6, the apostles suffer persecution, but the church flourishes. Even so, the bulk of their ministry is concentrated in Jerusalem and the surrounding area. All this changes when Stephen is executed for his faith. As Saul ravages the church, the believers scatter abroad. At first this might seem like the church in trouble, but this is part of God’s plan and Jesus’ commission (Matt 28). Through great suffering, the church spreads across the known world as the gospel of Christ is proclaimed. 

Songs we will sing this week include the following, provided in a playlist here:

  1. Man of Sorrows
  2. Christ is Risen
  3. God with Us
  4. No Greater Aim
  5. The Church’s One Foundation
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