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At Founders, we seek to bring glory to God and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ in all that we do. We invite you to join us for one of our Sunday or Wednesday services.

Service Times

  • Sunday Morning:

    9:00am (Bible study),

    10:30am (Worship)

  • Sunday Evening:

    6:30pm (Worship)

Preparing for Worship: October 6, 2019

Text: Romans 3:10–12
Title: “The Character of Lost Humanity”

Paul has charged that all men are “under sin.” Last Sunday,  we examined what that description means. This Lord’s Day we will begin Paul’s scriptural defense of that charge. Like a prosecuting attorney making God’s case, Paul charges all humanity and now he brings forth his evidence for the charge. His evidence is Old Testament Scripture. This Sunday, we will examine the first three statements Paul brings forth. Not a single person is righteous (Psalm 14). Not a single person understands (Psalm 14). Not a single person seeks after God (Psalm 14).

  1. A Mighty Fortress is Our God
  2. Blessed Are All (Only in Jesus)
  3. God of this Restless Heart
  4. The Goodness of Jesus
  5. Shine Into Our Night
  6. Song of Moses
  7. Your Love, Oh Lord
  8. Christ is Mine Forevermore
  9. Grace Greater than Our Sin
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