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Preparing for Worship: September 1, 2019

Text: Romans 2:25–29
Title: “Rites Without Reality”

Up to this point in Romans 2, Paul has exposed the false confidence of the Jewish religious moralist. Confidence concerning salvation placed in Jewish heritage, the possession of God’s law, or the discernment that exists due to the knowledge of that law, was all misplaced. Those privileges don’t save, and any belief that they do is a perversion of those privileges. In our verses for this Lord’s Day, an additional false confidence is destroyed. Paul destroys misplaced confidence in circumcision, the sign of the covenant God made with Abraham. The external sign given to Abraham, and codified in the law, is meaningless as a testimony of belonging to the people of God unless the reality it was meant to speak of is present. This Lord’s Day we will be reminded that rites without reality will prove to be fruitless in the final day.

Songs we will sing this week include the following, provided in a Spotify playlist here or a Youtube playlist here:

  1. How Great Thou Art
  2. Raised to Life
  3. How Deep the Father’s Love
  4. The Goodness of Jesus
  5. The King of Love My Shepherd Is
  6. 10,000 Reasons
  7. Thou Lovely Source of True Delight
  8. Not in Me
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