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Pastor Caldwell’s Recommended Resources on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

On Sunday evenings, Pastor Caldwell is preaching a new series entitled, “Biblical Manhood, Womanhood, Marriage & Family.” He began the series in Proverbs 31, and has been preaching through Titus 2 now for four weeks (see our sermon archive here to download the series for free). Each sermon has been very encouraging and practical. This issue is truly an important one for Christians, and so I thought I would list a few helpful resources that Pastor Caldwell recommends on this topic for further reading:

  1. The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood: This is a great place to start sorting through the biblical and cultural data regarding gender roles and marriage. They offer a biannual journal for free, as well as an active blog, a conference, and free resources.
  2. Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood: A Response to Evangelical Feminism, edited by John Piper and Wayne Grudem. This (very large) book is available for free as a .pdf file or you can buy it on Amazon. It’s a great resource for the topic and includes articles by well-known scholars like D.A. Carson and Tom Schreiner. Anyone concerned with the fundamental question of the proper relationship between men and women will want to read this book.
  3. 50 Crucial Questions About Manhood and Womanhood, by John Piper and Wayne Grudem. This is sort of a condensed version of the book above. It’s very helpful for anyone who needs to sort through the key questions about this topic very quickly. It’s also available for free online, or as a .pdf.
  4. God, Marriage, and Family: Rebuilding the Biblical Foundation, by Andreas Köstenberger. Buy it on Amazon. This is the go-to book for many evangelicals who are looking for an integrated, biblical foundation for God’s purposes in the home. Bruce Ware offers his own recommendation: “While many popular treatments of marriage and the family are available, very few have explored with care and precision Scripture’s own teaching on these crucial subjects. Köstenberger does not avoid the hard contemporary issues of gender and sexuality but addresses them with sensitivity combined with keen biblical insight.”
  5. Different by Design: Discovering God’s Will for Today’s Man and Woman, by John MacArthur. This book is more like a study series. It is very inexpensive on Amazon, and will prove to be a useful tool for delving deeper into the biblical data on gender roles.

Songs we will sing this week include the following, provided in a playlist here:

  1. Be Still My Soul
  2. My Jesus I Love Thee
  3. Before the Throne of God Above
  4. The Power of the Cross
  5. When I Survey the Wondrous Cross

Josh Philpot
Pastor for Worship.

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